Skincare Tips

Many people love to be on the hunt for that perfect coverage. If they could find a makeup that could be lightweight and provide full coverage without looking like E.T., they would be in heaven. But my GEA beauties, the first essential step to having flawless makeup guessed it, good skin.

Just caking up makeup on your skin and not properly clearing pores and ensuring all makeup and dirt reside is off is a guaranteed bet for skin DISASTA!!!!! But have no fear, here are a few tips in getting yourself set up for a fool-proof skin regiment:


Know your skin type: 

This might sound funny, but I just recently found out that I have dry/combo skin as opposed to thinking my whole life I was oily! Moving to a new climate really brought out the worst in my skin and it was unmanageable. So I finally decided to cough up the funds to go to get a facial and see what they could recommend. It was worth every penny. (Roughly about $70) Also, they had great suggestions on what type of products to use to control the dry spots and tame my T-Zone. When I say my skin's in the BEST condition of my life, I'm so serious!

Trial and error:

I know with skin, doing that can be a bit intimidating. But think about it: you go through the same process with makeup, so why not with skin care?? You're gonna have to try out some products, find what works for what skin issue, and THEN find the best combination of those products to help your skin. For example, for my nighttime routine, I use Philosophy Purity cleaner with the Clarisonic Mia (I LOVE that thing!), then Lush Tea Tree toner, Dr. Murad's Acne Spot Treatment (for pimples) and finish it off with Boscia oil-free moisturizer. I named bout 50-11 brands for just the BASIC night routine, but I had to go through and find the products that work best for me!

Work with your budget:

So I know the next thing you're saying is, "Chile, I don't have them type of funds to be spending on all the brands and types of skin care stuff! What do I do?" I'm living limited myself, but if you go to great department stores like Sephora, Macy's or even your doctor/dermatologist, you can get samples of certain products for you to use to see if they're effective. My cabinet looks like I hustle skincare products cause I stay collecting the samples! I love them and I am not ashamed!! :)

Seems like a helleva lot huh? Well, investing in skincare is. It has to be a priority so that eventually you can have beautiful, flawless healthy skin. You can be confident and love the skin you're in! (Yeah I straight stole that line!)

What are you all's current skin issues/concerns/gripes??? 



Olivia Green