Skincare 101 // Teenage Boys Skin & Those Hormones!

In an effort to prepare myself to come to grips that I am the mother of a teenage boy (YIKES!!!) I've done extensive research, scouting and also spoke with a few skincare professionals to educate myself on how puberty and hormones effect boys. I was slightly shocked to find that there wasn't a plethora of information when it came to young men and skincare. For teen girls, the options were endless. For guys however, the main articles I found directly dealt with worse case acne and how to combat with various over-the-counter and prescription-grade products. So, in an effort to pay it forward, I wanted to give you guys a few tips on how to select the right products, amount of particular ingredients and the proper strength to aid in selecting the best skin care regimen for your teen guy!!

 The products we decided on for my son!

The products we decided on for my son!

I started my quest on the good ole www. and found a great article from Dr. Chance Henson for LiveStrong. When puberty hits, those hormones will affect your teen in various ways. Many boys have the "normal" reaction to this cycle; greasy skin, monster pimples or acne that can range from mild to open sores. According to the article, parents can expect their guys to go through this for a duration up to 4 years until the hormones settle! Whoa!!!! But with various treatments available, it's easy to select what could help keep the acne at bay while going thru this period.

The key to controlling possible skin flare-ups are the ingredients. Esthetician Lynn Bellows recommends that a good teen cleanser should contain up to 3% of either glycolic or salicylic acid. These active ingredients help to break down the gunk closed up in pores by binds itself to the dead skin. YUM! After cleansing the skin, an optional step is a toner. This will help to calm the skin and also restore the ph balance. Some good ingredients in a toner are rose or tea tree water. Following this, moisturizer is clutch. I'm sure you're thinking, why would I contribute to my teen's grease-fill face, but this step is important since the cleanser stripped the skin of essential oils. Your moisturizer will restore those oils as well as aid in preventing excess oil to produce. Yes!!! Well moisturized skin is key in controlling oil for your teen guy. And finally, and the most important, CONSISTENCY. A good routine is so required in order for the skin to adjust. Most products need to be used daily for at least 3-4 weeks before you see results. This can definitely deflate your teen who probably is wanting that acne gone ASAP!!! A little guidance and lots of nagging will probably come into play. LOL!  

Hopefully this little bit of information helps as a basic starting point for your teenager. There are so many acne products to try, so a bit of trial and error may have to be conducted. And if things with your son's skin still don't improve, a visit to a dermatologist may be in order. Good luck parents!!!!!!

*For a great guide to starting your teenage guy off with a daily skincare regimin, check out the LiveStrong article as mentioned above!


Olivia Green